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book lab

The Book Lab is designed as an introduction to writing the book of a musical while also outlining the collaborative steps involved in creating a new musical with the whole team. The book of a musical is not just the spoken words, but encompasses the entire story of the musical. The Bookwriter is officially responsible for the writing of the book, but the entire writing team needs to collaborate on the story.  The collaborative process is explored through six units including: THE IDEA, THE OUTLINE, THE ROUGH DRAFT, ADDING SONGS, REVISIONS, and FINISHING TOUCHES. Along the way, other topics are incorporated including:

Unwavering want; Character Diction; Adaptation; Action Loops; Dialogue; Incorporating Songs; Conflict; Song Spotting; Dealing with Feedback; Story Structure; Language of an Outline; Collaboration Agreements; Character Worksheets; Project Pitches; Exposition; Public Domain Ideas; and much more.

This course qualifies as the Book Lab element of the
Academy for New Musical Theatre’s Core Curriculum.

PRICE: $595

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