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lyric lab

Whether you’re a veteran looking to sharpen some aspects of your craft, or whether you’re new to writing lyrics for musical theatre, this course can help you focus your lyrics and give them impact and drama. Work at your own pace — take one month or six months; whatever works for your schedule and workload. Learn and write at home, or wherever you have a workstation.

Twenty-one videos on topics which include:

Prosody; The Verse; Progressions; Structure; The Refrain; The purpose of a song; Rhyme; The Chorus; Which structure to use?; Alliteration; Spotting Songs; Writing with parameters

Also: Interactive Tests, Exercises, Assignments, One-on-One feedback with evaluator.

This course qualifies as the Lyric Lab element of the
Academy for New Musical Theatre’s Core Curriculum.

PRICE: $795

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