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music lab

Write and format your musical professionally.  Videos, tests, exercises and interactive assignments on the craft of composing for musical theatre, from Columbia College professor Philip Seward. Topics include:

Setting a lyric; Creating a Piano Arrangement; Finding a rhythm in a lyric and using it to develop a melody; Creating a lead sheet (chord symbols and melody); Working with a hook; Key signatures & accidentals; Driving melodically toward the climax of the song; Supporting the melody with a piano accompaniment; When to modulate; Composing Incidental Music; Composing for the music theatre voice (head voice, chest voice, belt, legit, timbre); Formatting a Score: Dynamics, Expressive Markings, Pedaling, Rehearsal Marks, etc.; Vamps; safeties; jump cue; out on; Formatting voice parts; Swing notation; Integrating Script and Score

This course qualifies as the Music Lab element of the
Academy for New Musical Theatre’s Core Curriculum.

Music Lab Requirements

The Music Lab is designed to address the specifics of composition for the musical theatre and is not intended to be a basic course in general music composition. A successful student will begin the lab with a basic knowledge of music theory including an understanding of common tonal progressions. A music notation software will be necessary to complete and submit assignments. The best options for notation software are Finale or Sibelius, though other programs may be used as well.

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